Friday, 4 July 2014

Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge

Happy 4th of July!

While you celebrate with fireworks and hot dogs, I will be celebrating by visiting castles and rocks.

A few classmates and I took a bus tour around England to see Windsor Castle, which is one of the Queen's residences, the city of Bath, which inspired many of Jane Austen's novels, and Stonehenge. The tour was fun, but very much a whirlwind. We didn't get to see everything that we wanted to see in the time we were allowed, but the bits we did see were amazing!



When we stopped in Bath, all but the 4 of us had tickets to see the actual Roman Baths, so we spent the time wandering around the town. It was a beautiful place, but we did not get to see any of the sites that I so much wanted to see.  We did stop into the Bath Central Library while there. It was a very nice, modern library situated above a grocery store; how convenient!


I will admit, I wasn't all that excited to see a bunch of rocks with a ton of other people, but it was surprisingly very cool to see something that has been around for so long. Our guide gave us a tip on taking good pictures of Stonehenge: he said to lie on the ground to get a better angle. Let me know what you think!

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