Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My first London Musical!

After our tour of the National Maritime Museum, I had to rush across the city to pick up my ticket to see Les Miserables.  I had to figure out how to get clear across town in a fairly short amount of time. My friend Sarah and I took the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) under the river to meet up with the underground. The stairs down to the train felt as if they just ket going and going. We got lost figuring out where the underground station was in Canary Wharf because it turned out to be different than the DLR station.  Sarah got off a few stops before I had to change lines again, so I was left on my own to navigate this big city.

As I walked out of my train, the intercom started blaring about someone trying to go through the Emergency Exit door and that they were trapped until the police came. It was crazy, and I wish I could have seen the results of that mishap, but I had places to be!

I finally made it to Liecester Square and just had to wander a bit until I found Shaftsbury Avenue and the Queen's Theatre.  Thankfully my wandering only lasted for a few minutes, because the Les Miserables sign was big enough that I could have seen it from miles away. It was like a beacon guiding me home! Wow, that was cheesy.

After all of my hurrying, I ended up at the theatre an hour before the show, and they weren't letting people in yet. I decided to run across the street to a little cafe and get a bottle of water since I hadn't eaten anything for lunch.  By this time I was just so giddy about figuring out how to use the tube by myself and with confidence! I am only sad that I missed out on seeing more of Greenwich, because by that evening, everyone that stayed said it was a really neat place.

The musical was magnificent. I have seen it many times in the states, but there's just something about seeing a musical where the first English production was performed--granted, not in the same theatre...but in the same city at least!  The cast was amazing and, though I could only see the bottom half of the set, it also seemed just magnificent!  I was in tears at the end, mostly because I can never see Les Mis without crying. All in all, a wonderful performance, and I won't ever regret seeing it in LONDON! Eep :)

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