Sunday, 6 July 2014

An Adventure to Hampton Court

Today a couple classmates and I decided to utilize our memberships to the Historic Palaces and visit the biggest one in the London Area: Hampton Court. This was the home of Henry VIII and his wives, as well as William and Mary. It was huge and gorgeous!

We took a train to Hampton, our first train of the trip! I will admit that trains are only fun with a group of friends, and for less than an hour. As this one was only 30 minutes and there were 5 of us, it was definitely an adventure!

Like I said above, the house was gorgeous and huge, Here are some pictures of our adventure:

Henry VIII! Or, an actor at least :)

The William and Mary addition to Hampton Court

William and Mary addition

We got to write our names with a quill pen!

I just found this so funny. If you can't read it, it says
"The Queen, like a natural woman, made much lamentation"

We got to see a facsimile of Henry VIII’s crown (it was a recreation, because the first was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the crown, but I will just say that it seemed like a little too much!

My favorite part of Hampton Court, by far, was the gardens. They were magnificent!  I would love to live in a house with gardens such as these ones!  There is a maze within the gardens that is supposed to take the average visitor 20 minutes to get to the center.  We made it in about 7 minutes!  There was a funny plaque in the center that mentioned a man who was stuck in the maze for hours, until someone finally came to the rescue.

After the maze, we wandered the gardens for a while and I took tons of pictures for my dad (and all you lovely readers!)  Here are some now:

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